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Balance Board

Balance Board

Purpose of our balance board is to encourage controlled movement whilst maintaining balance. This will build and train muscle memory and improve board sports technique.


Our products are finely sanded and finished with oil and wax. Should you require a greater amount of grip we recommend you apply surfboard wax to the deck of the board.

  • Care

    We only use salvaged logs to create our beautiful hand crafted timber products.

    To retain the look and character of your new timber product we recommend the following care tips:

    • Our products are finely sanded and finished with oil and wax. We use beautiful Australian salvaged and recycled timbers with characteristics that make each handcrafted piece unique. Show it some love with oil or furniture wax and and it will shine for you.  
    • Variation: As timber is a natural product, it is subject to natural and expected variation from piece to piece. We try our best to capture the nature and tone of the timbers in our product photos, however we cannot guarantee an exact match. Some products may come darker or lighter, within reason and tolerance.
  • Use

    Our boards are a fun way to increase flexibity and strength in the comfort of your own home. Integral to technique in boards sports, improving your core strength and maintaining flexibility will increase your surfing or boarding potential.

    Made from sustainably sourced and recycled timbers, the board is designed and built to last a lifetime.

    Board - 77cm X 27cm at extremes

    Should you wish to dampen the sensitivity of board movement then use a rug, or towel, under the roller. The thicker the material the slower the roller will respond.

    Use with caution, expect to fall and ensure the area around you is clear of objects that you may otherwise fall on.

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